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My stay at the hotel was an enjoyable one. The room had been well cleaned prior to my arrival. The bathroom too looked properly maintained and had all the necessary facilities there in. The facilities there were fully functional. Power and water supply was very much stable. I do not have any complaints about the place. Very nice.
by Anonymous on March 22, 2018

Good time.

by Anonymous on December 20, 2017

The hotel is good really and I had a good time there. The environment was cool and clean. The room I stayed in was comfortable and properly maintained. The staff were nice and efficient as well. Nice place!

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel. It was totally worth every penny spent. The customer service was excellent and the environment is lovely. I look forward to visiting here again sometime.
by Mr. Moses on March 23, 2016

by Mr. Moses on March 23, 2016

lovely place

by Nura on April 20, 2016

The hotel is really lovely, beautiful place and lovely staff. The bedroom is beautiful and clean also.


by Mr. Leon on June 29, 2016

The hotel was okay for me. Their staffs were efficient and they made everything easy for me. My room was always kept neat, I enjoyed their food and it was affordable. There was constant power supply and water. I enjoyed my stay and will be visiting again.

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